Strange UFO Disappears Over Monument Valley

Published May 6, 2014 2,008 Plays

Rumble / Weird MysteriesThe universe is a strange and mysterious place. It holds many secrets that we have not yet uncovered. One of the biggest questions surrounding the universe is that if there is other life out there besides us. There are people that detest this idea and belief, while there are others that except it fully. Whether each side is true is up for debate. This clip right here may have just provided and answer for that age old question.

Astonishing footage showing a strange, unidentified flying object gliding through the sky above Monument Valley in the Arizona-Utah area of the United States. At the end of its flight it mysteriously disappears in a burst of light, only leaving behind a slight halo. Is it real, or is it perhaps a well edited hoax?

As big as the universe is, it is very hard to believe that we could be the only life forms out there. Surely there must be some other life out there besides us, right? Then again, that is up for debate as people are entitled to their beliefs. Perhaps these lights were not a form of extraterrestrial communication and were actually some sort of hoax, but then again you never know.

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