633-Foot Container Ship Runs Aground In Hong Kong

JDalyPublished: April 29, 2014Updated: April 30, 2014263,965 views
Published: April 29, 2014Updated: April 30, 2014

Ship transportation has come a long way since the Titanic. It is now more stable and faster than ever, it can carry more and more weight but we still seem to be afraid of it, and it’s not without a solid reason. No matter how safe we claim ships to be, they are still slaves to the majestic force of the oceans. The dark blue waters are still as unpredictable as ever and it takes a lot of expertise to try and curb them a bit.

Raw footage from an incident which occurred earlier this month showing the moment when a 633-foot German container ship, named Hansa Constitution, headed toward land after failing to slow down. The captain reportedly followed emergency procedure and dropped the anchor to slow down the vessel, although it still made contact with the sea wall in front of the Stanley Ho Sports Centre in Pokfulam, Hong Kong. No injuries were reported following the incident.

Apparently traveling by boat isn’t all that safe even in shallow waters. It is a rare occurrence, but there have been other reports of similar accidents. It takes a lot of experience to be able to manoeuvre a ship, especially one that size, around the shallow docking waters. But don’t let this accident dissuade you in traveling the seas. If the captain pays attention to the signs the sea is giving them, you’ll be able to see and experience many beautiful sights that you’ll only previously seen in photographs, and that is totally worth the risk.

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