Ep. 4478 SPECIAL REPORT: Victim of Injustice System Speaks Out, Provides Names - When Children Are Placed With Predators - Hollywood Connections | The Hagmann Report | 7/7/2023

7 months ago

What you are about to see is a special segment of The Hagmann Report. The abused mother of two children - one known to be physically abused - speaks out under threat of possible retaliation.

This is the intersection of this platform with Russ' reconstituted team, ShatterOps, and Apphia - the mother of two young children. It's a story that spans from Hollywood to Georgia, and exposes a system of incompetence, corruption, and incredible heartbreak.

Please watch this courageous woman as she holds nothing back as she details the traumatic experiences she recounts here - publicly for the first time. She "names names," from the alleged abuser and Hollywood perpetrators to the investigative agencies and court systems involved.

Please watch and share this episode far and wide, and let's come together to help this mother by all possible means. For more information - please see: https://www.hagmannpi.com.

For her complete story, please see: https://psalm91protection.com

Also, https://shatterops.org

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