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June 26 2023 — EDITOR: 'Use of explosives on 9/11 ignored by press'

June 27 2023 — Kevin McCarthy lays a wreath at Ground Zero with the sister of pilot whose plane was hijacked during 9/11 terrorist attacks

Kevin McCarthy Confronted with 9/11 Truth - WTC7 Freefall and Nanothermite

June 27 2023 — FAA Requires Secondary Barrier on Aircraft to Prevent Another 9/11

Between the time of opening and closing the flight deck door, the open flight deck has some degree of vulnerability to attack. Such an attack could happen quickly, and leave insufficient time for the cabin crew to react.


June 28 2023 — Southern District of New York dismisses defendant bank in 9/11 litigation for lack of personal jurisdiction


July 2 2023 — 9/11 Commission failed to ask Saudi intelligence chief key questions, long-secret interview reveals


June 28 2023 — Saudi Arabia's True Role in 9/11 | Opinion

June 26 2023 — The Most Unbelievable Conspiracy Theories

9/11: Bombs made the Twin Towers collapse
Some scientists and architects have asserted that jet fuel does not burn hot enough to have melted the steel beams of the Twin Towers and caused the collapse of the buildiwildngs. This, and the fact that some witnesses claim to have heard explosions as they were evacuating the buildings, has led to a common belief that the buildings were actually destroyed by bombs.


June 28 2023 — Letters to the Editor



The purpose for my letter though is to inform and perhaps inspire your readers in our community about a topic and social movement I’ve been studying — the 9/11 truth movement.

What I feel would be beneficial to realize about the topic based on my research is that 9/11 is something that impacted everyone so much, it was one of the darkest days in history. It would be great if 9/11 could get more recognition since, even though it had happened 22 years ago, it is still a nightmare for the people who experienced it first-hand. This is about people creating theories from 9/11 and saying that it wasn’t the truth when they said that it was a terrorist attack, I feel like it should still be talked about since 9/11 wasn't and isn’t something to take lightly.

I feel that doing so could inspire our community to start learning about it again, to start respecting it more, to give it more recognition. It was a dark day when it happened. It happened too suddenly, many didn’t know how terrible it really was, it didn’t give enough time for people to react, it just happened. I admit that I didn’t really care to learn about it in the beginning but now that I have learned and researched more about it, I realize that turning away from 9/11 wasn’t the best idea. I have more respect for it now and the people that were affected by it, I have empathy for the people who were hurt because of 9/11.

Sherlyn Montalvo


New Building Standard Paves the Way for Collapse-Resistant Structures
ASCE/SEI 76-23 provides design requirements to keep isolated failures from bringing down the entire building

During the World Trade Center disaster in 2001, the heat of unmitigated fires in the building called WTC7 caused deformations that severed a connection between a girder and column, triggering a progression of failures that brought the building down. At the conclusion of its WTC investigation, NIST highlighted the need for a standard to mitigate these collapses, along with guidelines and tools for building design.

Based on a proposal NIST made to ASCE, the engineering society formed a new standards committee of dozens of building experts from industry, academia, and the federal government.

Instead of prescribing specifications of each component of a building’s structure as many standards do, the committee decided to set performance goals for structures, giving engineers autonomy in coming up with their own design solutions.


David Chandler and Ted Walter on Building 7’s Instantaneous Free Fall: The International Center for 9/11 Justice “Takeaways”

The paper: The Instantaneous Free Fall of World Trade Center Building 7
and NIST’s Attempt to Hide It

July 2, 2023 — Andy Steele Interviews Linda Forsythe
Why was Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s defense so interested in WTC 7?

Linda Forsythe Interviews Richard Gage
Do Forensic Analytics Demonstrate 9/11 Twin Towers & Building 7 as Demolition Projects?


September 8 2023 – Oral arguments for AE911Truth vs. NIST, Case #22-5267


1.) Write the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin:

2.) In the spirit of Tucker Carlson asking, "What actually happened with Building 7?", record yourself asking the same question in your own style. Send clips and links to Gene in FB Messenger, Twitter (@911Gene), Facebook (FB.com/genelaratonda), Instagram (@911Gene), email (gene@laratonda.com) or even text if it'll go 724.826.1001.

Truth Action Project launched

Lawyers' Committee for 9/11 Inquiry: Crimescene To Courtroom documentary

Protecting All Protectors: Funds for NFPA conference 2024


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