9/11, UFO False Flags & Free Energy – Part 3

4 months ago

In this third and final episode of ICIC, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich and British computer scientist and physicist Andrew Johnson talk about more shocking and strange details surrounding the complexities and hidden connections of the topics discussed at length. Both believe that these hitherto hidden circumstances, events, symbolisms and synchronicities must be made available to the public as widely as possible, without interruption, so that people can begin to see more clearly, use their own minds and finally stop just believing what they are told.

Questions must be asked so that we can and, above all, want to examine for ourselves the things we are taught through the media, "experts," and in school.

Johnson reports on his experiences and his view of what possibilities we can use to find out about these hidden truths. We, too, have their systems at our disposal, which we can access in order to expand our knowledge, e.g. the Internet. He advocates listening to one another, having discussions with one another, gathering as much different information as possible and then sharing it as well.

He sees intuition as another helpful tool and guide through the thicket of infiltration, lies and deception, as well as constant information gathering and disclosure to recognize those who have been baited and obviously used as stooges to protect the interpretation of truth or right that their patrons want. All of this supports the upright people who stand against this tide of manipulation and reprisals against dissenters, such as the courageous judge from Weimar, whose case has caused a worldwide sensation and outrage.

Many questions remain to be answered. For example, the question of the masterminds of this inconceivable scenario? Does it go even further than the relevant known and notorious organizations such as the "WEF", the "Committee of 300", the "Bilderbergers" and "Masonic lodges"? What perfidious intelligence is behind all this and is capable of planning and coordinating such complex structures over such a long period of time? What role do so-called "psychological operations" like "Q" and the "Anons" play? How are Trump, Putin, Assange and Snowden to be classified, and can we explain heaps of phenomena of "synchromysticism" (predictive coincidences)? Is there salvation from "outside" or are we better off relying on ourselves and our common sense?

Questions like these are the beginning to return to self-responsibility and sovereignty, because every person has the power to free him or herself from these shackles of confusion. Light must be brought into all dark areas, then the big picture will become visible and the darkness will disappear.

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