Free Indeed

1 year ago

We are created in God’s Image and designed and destined to be free. Yes, this is us human beings. We were created by our Creator God, shaped with the liberty of a free will. This is what He wanted for us, freedom, liberty and justice for all. It is a paradox that the very free will we were created to have, has been corrupted by our human condition and is now being used by a few, to take away the freedom, liberty and justice of most of us. This evil plan has been put in motion by the enemy of our soul, to use a few to enslave the masses. This is a direct violation of the Sovereign Will of God. These evil engulfed people, are so deceived that they actually think they can defeat the supremacy of God, superseding His plan for the Creation He shaped for freedom, a people with liberty and free will. This is God’s design.

1 IN [this] freedom Christ has made us free [and completely liberated us]; stand fast then, and do not be hampered and held ensnared and submit again to a yoke of slavery [which you have once put off].

There is nothing about God’s Infinite creation that a finite being can alter forever. Look at the powerful truth of God, how it has endured the test of time, and deception will not win out over it, because God’s truth has over all the years withstood the trials of the foolishness of mankind. Truth still reigns and the unbelief of human beings has not even put a dent in its staying power. Unbelief has no power over God’s truth. With our free will, we choose Christ and in this freedom of God’s Truth, no one can enslave us again. We stand on the side of truth, free in Christ Jesus.

Evil will not prevail against Almighty God. God Wins. Period. Our freedom is fragile, because incredibly foolish human beings have underestimated the power of God and they actually, arrogantly think that they can take control of His created people, they foolishly think they can control the population and decrease it, they think they can enslave us all. The can’t. They won’t win.

People trying to Lord over other people, they serve no power higher than self, therefore they are blinded to the power of God. They do not know the deliverance, redeeming, resurrected power of God. They do not know truth. They do not know God. God is faithful in all of His ways to His people. God will not allow this evil to alter the plans He has set in motion for His people and His creation. They absolutely can not touch the future God has planned for us. God will say No.

And to the evil and those being used by the evil one, Almighty God will say: ENOUGH! God will finish this battle well and His freedom, justice and liberty for all will prevail. Yes, the storm is upon us, but God is in the storm. These evil, self-righteous arrogant and foolishly deceived people have underestimated the power, wisdom, knowledge of our Omnipresent God and His people. God will prevail over the evil of our time.

These evil people, trying to steal, kill and destroy us, being used by the father of lies, every evil plan, motive and action that they have done, will come back on them. The boomerang of God will bring with it heavy consequences for their sin. Our freedom has become fragile and limp because they have carried out secreted evil plans. These sin sick people, with absolute power that has corrupted absolutely, they actually think they can take over the whole world. But God has exposed and will continue to bring their evil to the light of His Truth, and He will expunge it, He will deliver us and restore the strength of our freedom once again.

We must look to God as these days ahead will become darker as the evil one makes his final stand from the place of defeat. As a wounded animal is at its most dangerous state, these are dangerous times for us. As we yield to God, trusting Him, staying in followship of Him, listening up to Him we will hear that still small voice: This is the way walk in it. We will be navigated and provided for during the battle for our freedom and God will use us by the way of His power, wisdom and might, as we are navigated by Him, our tattered freedom will stand. Evil motives, evil crafty plans will not deny us our God given freedom. We are free indeed in Christ Jesus!

Our national flag may be limp, but it will fly freely again and we will once again be One Nation Under God with liberty, freedom and justice for all. We use our free will to position ourselves underneath the Rulership of God’s Love. We ask for forgiveness of our sins, our wicked ways and we pray to our Father God for deliverance and restoration, placing our hope in Him. Therefore, there is no evil formed against God’s children that will prosper. Give your heart to Jesus Christ, be a part of of the family of God and stay in followship of His way, truth and life. Everything we know and have known to be normal to us will come crashing down in these times, but God’s loyalty to us, His love for us and His truth will remain. God will make all things new for us. God is for us. God Wins.

Justice has been hijacked by evil and, we trust God to restore the liberty of true justice, we wait for it, we patiently endure in belief of our God, knowing His Sovereignty will stand, knowing He is working in the unseen and knowing His endgame is for our good. The restoration of freedom is God’s battle, and those who have rejected the grace and mercy God has been extending them in times such as these, they will suffer without the hope, peace and protection of God. He has been long suffering with this present evil generation, but He will no longer be so. He will restore liberty and justice for all and all those who stand on the side of evil will lose.

We, Christians, the family of God, firmly stand on the side of truth, wavering not. We know without a doubt, the full counsel of the Word of God, the truth of Jesus Christ, makes us free indeed. We will not be enslaved to a yoke of worldly bondage, to a corrupted finite supremacy, and will yield ourselves, wholly-holy entrusting ourselves to our faithful, trustworthy, always present and powerful God.

It is to the supremacy of Jesus, we bow our knee to in reverence, honor and belief of His way, truth and life. There is no other god before Him, He is Supreme and no human being can travail against His Sovereign Will for His people, bought by His precious blood for us. We are adopted children of God. As His children, we belong to no one else, we are not enslaved to anyone, or in bondage to anything, as freedom is our God given right. In Christ we stand, on the solid rock of His Word we are secure in our future.

Man’s will can not prevail against the Sovereign Will of God. Trust God, and give God the room He needs to work. No Fear! It is always darkest before the dawn. God is at work in the unseen and He will deliver us from evil. We will be free, just as He designed us to be. We have a future and hope no deplorable human being can alter. Let God Work. He will restore 100 percent the liberty, freedom, and justice that has been stolen from us. Watch in prayer, wait in followship and see the glory of God.

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