OFFICES (Indie Pop Song w/ AI-Generated Images) by DANNY SULLIVAN MUSIC

10 months ago

Looking to break free from the monotony of office life? Your search ends here! Discover the ultimate work tune that will energize your day and transport you to a musical escape.

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This song is an anthem for all the hardworking individuals stuck in office jobs, tirelessly grinding away while their sanity hangs by a thread. Get ready to be uplifted! With its infectious guitar riffs, soulful Rhodes piano keys, and captivating percussion, this track effortlessly blends the genres of pop and indie rock, delivering a refreshing sound. I would classify it as somewhere between pop and indie rock. Enjoy!


Every place I go used to be a home
Now I say hello to offices
Livin' for the boss, never know the cost
Of all the life that's lost to offices

Offices, offices, offices, yeah
Offices, offices, offices, oh yeah

Every day's the same, waiting to get paid
There's no time for change in offices
Efficient little cogs finish little jobs
Spinning till they drop in offices

Offices, offices, offices, yeah
Offices, offices, offices, oh yeah
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Song Info:
Written by Danny Sullivan
Produced by Danny Sullivan
Mixed by Danny Sullivan
Video by Danny Sullivan

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