Dr J J Couey, Control of human beings through medical tyrrany, on the Northern Light Convention

10 months ago

JJ Couey will help us to understand why the gain of function narrative is relentlessly pushed (despite gain of function research/experimentation being so so illegal!), whether or not there was a pandemic in 2020, whether or not there was a new killer respiratory disease in 2020, whether or not the SARS CoV 2 virus exists or ever existed (and whether it is important to settle that dispute now, if that were possible in the time available to those who are resolutely trying to bring the criminals to account for great crimes, before humanity is engulfed in pure evil) and whether or not any viruses exist or ever existed. Further, whether it is possible that the whole field of virology (and for that matter the fields of genomics, epidemiology, computer modelling, evidence-based medicine, the worshipping of "the data" and the relentless anti-human pushing of artificial intelligence (AI)) was always a construct of the globalist criminals, in order for them to gain total control of human beings through medical tyrrany via relentless fear and shame propaganda and censorship.

More information and videos from Northern Light Convention 2023:

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