9/11, UFO False Flags & Free Energy – Part 2

4 months ago

In this second of three episodes of ICIC the conversation with Dr. Reiner Fuellmich and the British computer scientist and physicist Andrew Johnson continues, in which he uses numerous images and video material to establish the connections between the events surrounding 9/11 and many phenomena and events that at first glance appear to be independent of each other. He connects many dots in his vivid lecture that, when viewed over a longer period of time, create "aha effects" and a desire for further knowledge.

Johnson dives into the depths of narratives in detail, debunking red herrings and deception, pointing out physical analogies, recounting the "coincidental" occurrence of Hurricane Erin a few days before the WTC attack, what unusual effects and impacts storms and tornadoes can have on materials, what field effects are, and what the phenomenon of so-called "cold fusion" is all about. Why was all funding for this important project completely denied?

What is the significance of the University of Alaska's recordings of fluctuations in the Earth's magnetic field with six magnetometers that began shortly before 8:46 on the day of the WTC attack and changed shortly thereafter, coinciding with the plane crash in New York City, a city 3,000 miles away? Is this a coincidence or does it prove that magnetic fields have something to do with the events of 9/11?

Why have very few people heard of the so-called Disclosure Project 2001 and why do people suddenly disappear who, for example, made themselves available as witnesses in this project?

Researchers who have worked in depth on the subject of 9/11, the UFO issue and the existence of secret space programs, the use of Free Energy or the exposure of the man-made climate change narrative, and still do, are attacked in the same way as the scientists who dared to question the so-called "Corona Pandemic". It is always the same pattern followed by the masterminds and all their paid stooges. Even in the "truth forums", which is why one can assume that these forums, supposedly interested in enlightenment, have also been infiltrated or even founded specifically to prevent a scientific and fact-based discussion.

If one looks at the total picture of all strange events of the last years and centuries, everything is reminiscent of the so called "Corona pandemic", in which it was ordered not to question anything and all scientists who claimed something else were muzzled by all means. The purpose was to exert control over our minds, souls and bodies. Only in a state of fear and ignorance can the masterminds of the "New World Order" agenda control and manipulate us, lie to us and deceive us. Believe nothing anymore, question everything and check everything yourself.

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