Shimon Yanowitz on the Northern Light Convention

10 months ago

Shimon Yanowitz Background
Born In Haifa, Israel.1982: 1st degree in electrical engineering from the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, in Haifa, Israel.
1988: High degree in electrical engineering and computer science from the same as above.
Lived for 3.5 years in the UK, between 1995 - 1998.
Worked in the UK, US, Asia, specialty - image processing techniques for quality and process control of microelectronic semiconductor circuit fabrication.
In 2001 started my own high-tech company for developing metrology inspection machines for the semiconductor industry.
I was President and CEO.
The company was based on a patent of mine in optics.
In 2004 I transferred managerial roles in the company to my business partners and assumed a quiet role on the board of directors.
I then assumed a quiet life, away from public eye until about 2018, when I started to be an activist, calling to stop the deployment of 5G wireless systems.
In 2020 I became active in Israel and in several international forums, as an independent researcher on "covid" and started researching nanotechnology, which I anticipated would emerge in the "covid vaccines" (injectables).
In 2021 I started researching "covid Vaccines" (injectables) and I continue to this day.
I am active on several international groups such as: Children's Health Defense, D4CE and Medical D4CE.
I am one of the members of an international group called IIRT (International Interdisciplinary Research Team).
Here is a list of some of my recent videos on the testing of the C19 vials with Sasha Latypova with Dr. Ana Mihalcea with Dr. Dan Broudy with Courtenay, Trina and Emma from the UK with Stew Peters #1 with Stew Peters #2 with Maria Zeee #3
My research and video on "The Spanish Flu" kills-shots of 1918-1919
also, see here

More information and videos from Northern Light Convention 2023:

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