Connie Bryan CALLS OUT & HAMMERS Big Pharma & Google Corruption

7 months ago

This clip may be Connie Bryan's most powerful 'truth to power' segment from her show to date!...In this short 12 minute clip from Connie's current emergency 'GAME OF GENOMES' series, Connie plays shocking clips and breaks down the UNDENIABLE evidence of the corruption behind the artificial lab creation of 'Covid19'...In the process, she tells the story of how the pharmacist at her grocery store was SHOCKED when Connie showed her that the Pfizer and Moderna Covid shot 'warning inserts' were deliberately left BLANK, avoiding 'informed consent' of their experimental gene therapy MRNA contents. This is the 'MUST SEE TV' that NBC doesn't want you to see...Please help us overcome Big Tech's targeting of Connie's content by sharing this far and wide. This particular segment is both entertaining as well as being the perfect short overview of factual clips to help people awaken to the current unconscionable level of corporatism and monopoly tyranny that is a clear and present threat to American democracy, liberty & personal sovereignty. Thanks for watching!

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