Thane Eugene Cesar

5 months ago

Thane Eugene Cesar was standing directly behind RFK, unlike Sirhan, and told the LAPD that he did, in fact, draw his weapon that night. He was so close to RFK that Cesar's tie was likely pulled off in the mayhem. They never checked his gun, according to Sirhan's lawyer, and he sold it. Cesar told police he had sold the gun three months earlier but a paper trail said differently.

And then what happened? He moved out of the country to the Philippines. Remember when Jesus Campos left the country after the Mandalay Bay shooting even though he was the sole eye-witness? The playbook seems to remain the same.

"Cesar was the obvious first suspect. The police brushed him off and never investigated him further."

It gets worse though, there is testimony that the security guard actually shot his gun during the incident. The gun was destroyed by the LAPD before the trial and then inexplicably never examined in connection with the bullets that hit the pantry that day.

The man that covered up the gun/bullets was cleared of any misdoings and he was off Scott free even after he "mislabeled" his findings. They refused to give him a lie detector test.

And they said: We wouldn't give him a test because their findings said differently.

To sum it up, they didn't follow procedure and covered up the entire thing.

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