Robert Kennedy JR says that a CIA operative killed his father

5 months ago

Robert Kennedy JR says that a CIA operative killed his father, explains how the autopsy report brings damning evidence that Sirhan couldn't have possibly killed his father, and the attorney for Sirhan coincidently was the same exact attorney for a mob boss implicated in the JFK assassination and ended up disappearing and cut into pieces before a committee could question him.

"When I sat down and read the autopsy report, it became clear to me as it would to anyone who read that report that Sirhan did not kill my father.

-Sirhan fired two shots at my father. He was five feet away. It was absolute mayhem.

- Waiting in the kitchen was Sirhan Sirhan. As my father approached the table, Sirhan fired two shots at him. One of those hit Paul Schrade. The other one went past my father's ear and hit a wooden door jam.

-Sirhan was then grabbed in a dog pile and, pointing the gun away from my father, shot six shots. There were eight shots in the barrel. All of those shots hit people. We know who they hit. We know what happened to all of those bullets.

-Sirhan was the distractor. The real shooter was behind my father. He was called Eugene Cesar who was a security guard who worked for Lockheed. He was a CIA operative. He was a vocal racist who hated the Kennedys.

-My father was shot four times from behind. All of the shots had an uphill projectory. All of them, this is what the autopsy found, were contact shots. So the barrel of the gun was touching my father's body or clothing. Less than an inch of his skin. They left carbon tattoos on his flesh.

-There were 77 eye witnesses who saw that Sirhan was never behind my father.

-The police did not confiscate Cesar's gun that night.

- There was no trial. It was a show trial. The attorney for Sirhan was the attorney for Johnny Roselli, the mobster who was implicated in John Kennedy's assassination five years earlier and was later chopped up and put in a barrel when the assassination committee summoned him for testimony. He disappeared the day he was supposed to testify."

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