We Have To Win The War, It Goes Beyond The 2024 Presidential Election

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7 months ago

The military state must be stopped.
The summer Davos is back in China.
We have to win the war. The war is not going to be won in 2024 with just the presidential election. Parents are in the way. They are tired of the prenatal rights and that parents are in the way of molding and grooming the children.
Gender and race is energizing the folks on the right. Usually your board of education races are non-partisan. 70% that are winning the races are not political. Parental rights should trump everything. Our country was founded and our school was founded and parental rights had their place. Parents have been moved out of the way. Parental rights is a rally cry? They are reclaiming the God given rights. The parents are talking back and stopping the grooming and molding of the kids at school. Generally republicans leave these races alone but not now. Republicans have to win in 2024 and return sanity to our country. We have to win in all races up to the president of the United states.
Go to the commission and board of education meetings and return it to the American values that we know and love. Parental rights isn’t a campaign slogan, it is a given.
Detroit parents slam deceptive teachers and demand the truth about hidden screens computer systems that conceal students' trans ID from their families. DailyMail.com this month revealed how teachers across the Midwest gathered online and traded tips on how to help children transition in class while keeping it a secret from their parents.
DeSantis loses ground in New Hampshire as he holds a dueling event with Trump: latest poll in first primary state shows FL governor fallin 10 more points behind ex-president. Despite early gains in NH Ron DeSantis has slid 10 points among Republican voters, giving the former President Donald Trump an even bigger advantage.
Kevin McCarhty does a rapid U-turn after risking Trump’s wrath by saying he doesn’t know if the ex-president is the strongest GOP candidate. McCarthy questioned whether Donald Trump is the strongest candidate to win the 2024 nomination in a comment that raised eyebrows Tuesday morning.
Brad Raffensperger has not done anything positive for republicans in the state of GA.
Tucker asked this question. Why are we at war with Russia? Ukraine has canceled their elections. Ukraine is the democracy we have to protect but Zelensky has canceled until he has everything set.
Putin does not allow an attack or a coup on him.

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