Human-Caused Climate Change is Thermodynamic Nonsense

10 months ago

Man-Made Global Warming / Climate Change is Thermodynamic Nonsense. It is a complete absurdity to embrace the so-called settled Science that the Human Contribution of Carbon Dioxide is the chief driver of Climate.

The real question to ask is, "Is CO2 Earth's Thermostat?"

Carbon dioxide has little or nothing to do with global warming. CO2 Is currently traced at 400 ppm. That is one carbon-dioxide molecule for every 2500 parts of the atmosphere. Humans contribute only a scant 16 ppm, which is 4% of the total CO2 accumulated in a year. CO2 only holds heat for a few seconds, and there is not enough of it to drive climate change. It is thermodynamically impossible!
Also, bear in mind, that water vapor is the earth's most abundant and effective Greenhouse Gas. CO2 is only 5% of the earth's CHG. Water vapor is 95% of the earth's GHG and holds heat far longer than CO2.
Lastly, CO2 will increase only after temperatures rise (eg. El Nino) and oceans degas. Conversely, CO2 levels drop as temperatures cool. In other words, CO2 levels are influenced by heat or the lack thereof and therefore do not drive climate but follow climate.

Clearly, CO2 is actually a Thermometer and not a Thermostat!

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