[INTERVIEW] The End of Natural Healthcare? -Shawn Buckley, Constitutional Lawyer

1 year ago

Will there come a day when you won't be able to afford or buy vitamin D or an herbal tincture? Will you one day have no access to a naturopath or traditional Chinese medicine practitioner?

Constitutional lawyer Shawn Buckley believes Canadians will soon "lose access to natural health products" if loud action is taken quickly, as Health Canada initiatives, slowed by Covid but now in full swing, seek to drive up the costs of bringing natural health products to market and tighten the regulatory approval process.

Buckley, president of the Natural Health Products Protection Association, has been tracking and battling Health Canada since the 1990s to preserve Canadians' rights to access natural health products that have been used for hundreds and even thousands of years by naturopaths, nutritionists, traditional Chinese medicine practitioners, Ayurvedic doctors, homeopaths and more.

Growing more entangled with Big Pharma, Health Canada, however, has different designs that ultimately put profits before people by seeking to give themselves dramatic new powers, according to Buckley.

Join us for this important interview and join Shawn Buckley along with Dr. Roger Hodkinson and Dr. William Makis in Toronto, July 26th, in person or via livestream at Bright Light News Live Panel 3: Restoring Ethics in Public Health and the War on Natural Health, as he discusses Canada's looming philosophical crossroad of medical sovereignty: the legal premise that you can only have access to things the government has approved for you.

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