The Iran Nuke Deal (5-7-18)

1 year ago
34 Greg Cochran writes:

IN a recent conversation, Steven Pinker suggests that some students become radicalized when they find that there truths that are unsayable on campus. He gave some examples.

!. Capitalism is just plain better than communism

2. Men and women do not have identical life priorities, tastes and interests, or exactly the same sexuality.

3. Different ethnic groups have different crime rates

4. The great majority of suicidal terrorists are Islamic.

Deep stuff.

Seems to that this is an incomplete list. I call for suggestions from the audience: more such truths, more details, etc. With a little work we’ll provide one-stop shopping.


* Intelligence differences between ethnic groups have been repeatedly measured.

* We are not really on the cusp of ecological, resource depletion and malthusian catastrophes of at least 10 different flavours.

* Christianity is objectively more moral than Islam. First world countries, i.e., Christian countries are objectively more moral than the all others.

That’s why the immigration flow is overwhelmingly AWAY from non-Christian countries into Christian countries.

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