Connie Bryan Announces the Publishing of Her First Book ‘HOLY LIBEL’

8 months ago

I am excited to announce the publishing of my first book
'HOLY LIBEL: The Definitive Deprogramming Guide to the Lies & Fraud
of the Bible'...

In 'HOLY LIBEL', I discuss my life experience being TRANSGENDER, dealing with the horribly painful & bigoted rejection by family and others, largely rooted in their Christian 'faith'...And using your own King James Bible, I detail & expose the massive amount of UNDENIABLE lies & fraud taught in the Bible, falsely in the name of God, and show you what REAL SPIRITUAL TRUTH IS!

As many of my regular viewers know, all of my content is FREE ON DEMAND. I have avoided sponsors due to the strong 'truth to power' content of my show, and in order not to be beholding to restrictions on what I can and cannot share with my viewers...

And as I have shared, over the last 2 decades, I have been the target of a huge amount of 'shadow banning' and censorship from Big Tech social media, ESPECIALLY YouTube...Even here on Rumble it is clear that my show is being held back in the search algorithm for viewers to find.

So if you'd like to help financially support the show and my longstanding, ongoing mission to expose the massive corruption of government, rogue elements of our intelligence agencies, the mainstream media, globalist monopoly corporations & organized religion, please consider purchasing a copy of 'HOLY LIBEL' (And if you'd like to help others find the book, please consider sharing a review)

'HOLY LIBEL' is now available for order wherever books are sold.

(Be sure to catch my very funny standup comedy set on 'ABRAHAM & ISAAC' in the last portion of this video!)

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