1 year ago
121 Dennis Dale:,

Christopher Cantwell writes: Very few of us can make a living as professional racists. If the people who pay us don’t have jobs, that number is going to decline even further. Our enemies are violent criminals and corrupt government agents who will stop at nothing to prevent our rule. Ricky Vaughn was one of the most influential Twitter accounts of the 2016 election, and he absolutely could not have done what he did if his real name was on that account. So anonymity is an exceedingly serious matter.

That said, whenever I see a guy like Ricky Vaughn getting into a conflict with a guy like me or Paul Nehlen, I feel compelled to remind the anonymous person of their inherently lower position in the food chain. Men with reputations who voluntarily subject themselves to the type of harm anonymous internet trolls spend their lives trying to avoid, deserve a great deal of deference. When we are attacked by cartoon characters, we have every right to put them in their place. For pointing this out, I am almost invariably accused of “telling people to self dox,” a blatant misrepresentation of the point being made.

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