Americans distracted easily by this shiny object!

5 months ago

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Do not give way to the pervasive mindset of the "typical American" who clings to the belief that a a single individual, such as a president will rescue us from all our societal woes. This mindset has lulled many into a state of complacency, perpetuating the idea that someone else will fix everything while all we have to do is remain as passive observers, and just cast your vote in the flawed system.

The two-party political system that has dominated American politics for decades. The shiny object of the presidential election often diverts our attention from the deep rooted issues we face as a nation. Our nation is headed in the same downward trajectory - and we are going nowhere if we do not repent, and take action at the local levels.

3 Part series on Repentance, Fighting, and Building -

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