Climate Activists Make Things WORSE! Elite Intentionally Poison Air And Water To Make Us Sicker

9 months ago

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Mike Dillon is back to encourage everyone to get prepared because we don’t know what the global elite will throw at humanity next.
For decades, climate alarmists have repeated the lie that we’re just a few years from a point of no return, after which a cascade of climate change will destroy the planet.
Climate change is a hoax and many of the efforts to save the planet are actually creating more pollution.
Governments all over the world have allowed the spraying of chemtrails for weather modification and other nefarious purposes.
Our soils are now contaminated with pollution that is making Americans sicker.
The average person breathes 2000 gallons of air every day.
The quality of air you breathe can have significant health implications for your daily life.
The great products from TriadAer can help provide a healthier and better quality of life regardless of the globalists' toxic plans for humanity.
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