Is The National Debt An Accounting Error?

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8 months ago

Everything is irrelevant unless we solve some things. Putting a patch in these machines is not going to increase voter confidence.
Pentagon accounting error overestimates value of weapons sent to Ukraine by $6.2B a mistake that drove the cost of each new aid package.
Is the National Debt an accounting error?
How does this make you feel? Biden meets with experts on risks and promises of AI. Joe Biden leading the way..
Ukraine’s allies meet to discuss recovery challenges. It is war season where we give out the contacts? They will not tell us, they don’t account for it. What they are telling us is that $1.3 billion from the US, not counting the private investments, are to invest in the infrastructure in Ukraine, in a war that Biden started. When we get done this will be the state of the art laundromat and give the look that Ukraine is tied to the West and no longer to the east.

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