There's No Business Model For Telling The Truth (6-20-23)

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01:00 Truth, news, never pay,
16:00 Dennis Prager Falls Into The Conspiracy Rabbit Hole,
29:00 The two conspiracy theories I buy -- government surveillance used for nefarious purposes, and sexual blackmail controls a great deal of the world
32:30 Richard Spencer critiques Charles Johnson,
43:00 Joe Biden loves the gay tribute
46:30 The role of debate in establishing truth
47:30 The role of grievance in group identity
52:00 Matthew McConaughey is becoming a guru,
53:30 United States of A-Merit-A,
1:15:00 Elliott Blatt joins
1:18:00 It's a bad idea for Elliott to have employees
1:21:00 Do you get high from rescuing people?
1:38:00 Elliott Blatt's terrible Twitter feed
1:40:00 Gay pride month
My Rules For Life,
On Epistemic Black Holes. How Self-Sealing Belief Systems Develop and Evolve,
Epistemic Sabotage,
The Israeli Mind: How the Israeli National Character Shapes Our World,
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