LIVE Practitioners & Canadian Citizens Call with Shawn Buckley | June 19, 2023

5 months ago

We saw our Zoom room packed with the all powerful public and practitioners! 1800 registered, and that's just the start. We focused on educating about a common, and constant, threat against personal access to products and practices—Health Canada. We shared the imminent launch of specific actions that we will be our biggest national campaign.

All corners of Canada will be called upon to stop this unfair, unrealistic and restrictive assault. We were thrilled to connect with so many of you on Monday June 19. Shawn Buckley reviewed his Discussion Paper & 2023 Health Canada Initiatives and we looked at targeted NHPPA actions. Quoting Shawn, “Anyone who thinks professional natural products will be around in 2 years is naive.”

You can join the movement by watching the replay and then taking action. Visit for more details.

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