Deep State Working Hard: A Few Lone Voices Bring the Truth

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8 months ago

Tucker in his last segment did a great job talking about Biden and a dictator.
Veteran Fox News producer responsible for chyron calling Biden a wannabe dictator resigns as Tucker Carlson mocks former employer for apologizing.. He didn’t resign, he was fired.
Barr shoots down former prosecutor’s election fraud claims. Barr pushed back Tuesday against suggestions from Trump and a former federal prosecutor in PA that federal authorities were ordered not to aggressively investigate claims of fraud during the 2020 presidential election. Trump declared in a statement sent to reporters that the former US attorney in Philadelphia, William McSwain was blocked from pursuing assertions of election tampering. McSwain followed orders after the 2020 election. William Bar instructed him to not make any public statements or put out any press releases regarding election irregularities. He was to pass the allegations to the State AG. McSwain asked Trump for his endorsement in the PA governor's race.
William Barr is doing the work of the Deep State.
GOP targets researchers who study disinformation ahead of the 2024 election. A legal campaign against universities and think tanks seeks to undermine the fight against false claims about election, vaccines and other hot political topics.
We have a government in the tank with universities to bring up misinformation.
‘The world has turned upside down!’ Ex-top cop tears into NYC health chiefs for installing $11K vending machine for drug addicts that gives away FREE crack pipes.
Are we looking at Joe on his way out and Gavin on his way in? Gavin Newsom and wife Jennifer recent high profile media blitz and attacks on Ron DeSantis spark speculation the Governor could launch a WH bid despite Joe Biden saying he is running.
Will Hunter Biden’s business partner dish on the Burisma bribe? Devon Archer is cooperating with republicans over an alleged $10 million bride to the first family. Will Devon Archer give up all the details?
Robert F Kennedy Jr claims he is aware he could be assassinated by the CIA but doesn’t live in fear as he repeats allegations the intelligence agency was involved in his uncle JFK’s death.
We will not accept a patch on the machines.

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