Democrats Saying Quiet Part? IRS Overreach? More Suppression?

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8 months ago

Democrat lawmakers quickly backpedaled during on air tirade saying that Trump needs to be shot. The ranking democrat on the House Judiciary Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government said on Sunday that the former President Donald Trump should be shot for having the classified information for the Americas at Mar-a-Lago.
Everything that happened in China, it shows the world that the US went to them. We have a near miss and we go to them. They have a near miss and we go to them. No video going out of China that they don’t authorize and the video shows Blinken going to Xi. China is pumping chemicals into Sierra, Sierra is sending out drugs. We apologized to China. China is building coal burning plants.
20 armed IRS agents raiding a small business in Montana is unacceptable. Confiscating 4473 forms with sensitive personal information to create a database on American citizens is unacceptable. The forms did not contain any financial information, instead the IRS now has access to these forms with sensitive personal details of every customer who purchased a firearm from Highwood Creek Outfitters.
The IRS used a false name to obtain entry into the taxpayer's Ohio home to demand payment. A press release from the Judiciary Committee reveals that an IRS agent visited an OH Taxpayer’s residence under a fake name in order to gain entry to their home on April 25, 2023. Rep Jim Jordan has written to the commissioner of the IRS Daniel Werfel, in response to the incident.
YouTube yanks Jordan Peterson’s interview with Democrat RFK jr where presidential hopeful said chemicals in water are turning kids trans, claiming it violates their vaccine policy. Years ago Alex Jones told you that they are putting something in the water turning the frogs gay.
The Midwest and Plains Equity Assistance Center (MAP), which is funded by the Dept of Education was caught on a zoom meeting talking about ways to help children transition and keep it from their parents. The live video reported by DailyMail had teachers from the Midwest talking about how they'll subvert Republican laws aimed at protecting children. All of this being funded by the Biden administration.

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