Who Runs the World? PART 2: Pan-Europa, The British Empire and the WEF

5 months ago

In the second part of ICIC's program entitled "Who rules the world and since when?", Dr. Reiner Fuellmich and Matthew Ehret, journalist, lecturer and founder of the Canadian Patriot Review go into greater detail to contextualize apparently orchestrated historical and geopolitical activities, which at first glance appear to be distinct and separate from one another.

Matthew Ehret's vivid explanations go on to name names, numbers, data and facts, which together show how the effects of atrocities and their perpetrators and henchmen from the past are still present today, indeed, are being ever further expanded in order to be able to finally implement pre-established goals.

They address questions such as: Who created constructs like NATO or the EU and why? Is there a repetition going on, in the style of a "British Empire", in order to dominate the world and subtly convince people of the necessity of a one-world government as the only, savingsolution and thus to gain control over everything and everyone?

Is it not at all about the welfare of humanity, about saving the environment, the climate or health, but but rather about depopulation, eugenics, abuse of power and the suppression to the point of eradication of everything that constitutes being human? If youtake personal responsibility, do your own research, gather and check information without bias, an ever clearer picture of the big picture reveals itself.

It shows that these self-proclaimed "elites" and their masterminds have always used methods such as "create a problem and deliver the solution", "divide and conquer" and the gullibility of people to be able to realize their inhumane and malicious agendas for the purpose of self-interestand total control over humanity.

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