Understanding The Latest Trump Indictment (6-18-23)

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01:00 Epistemics
02:40 Absurd levels of self-confidence
16:30 Daniel Ellsberg dies
17:00 Understanding the Trump indictment
18:40 Stephen J James joins, https://twitter.com/MuskMaximalist
1:05:00 ADHD
1:22:00 Andrew Tate
1:24:30 Millennial Woes
1:28:00 Live streaming from a broken or a healthy place?
1:40:00 Latest Trump indictment
1:54:00 Biden scandals
1:56:00 Trump impeachment paved the way for the Ukraine war
1:57:30 John Edwards scandal as a forerunner of next Biden scandal
2:00:00 Has Tucker undergone a psychotic break?
2:00:40 Tucker as a looksist
2:18:00 How to Tell a Critic From a Troll? With Andrea with Bangs, and Chris Kavanaugh and Pastor Paul VanderKlay, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kcuN_fkWkTY
2:23:00 The religious and the woke make claims based upon lived experience
2:25:30 Luther as a proto Jordan Peterson
2:28:00 Broken men invigorated by Jordan Peterson
2:35:00 Sometimes people get better when they leave their religion
2:38:00 Christian numerology
2:40:35 Elliott Blatt joins talks about leaving the city
2:59:00 Symptoms of under-earning, https://www.underearnersanonymous.org/about-ua/symptoms-of-underearning/
3:12:00 Culture war
3:14:00 Moral realism
3:18:00 Democrats and the popular vote compact
3:21:00 Matt: On Mike Enoch's Weak Knees, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6CXYUS80cuM
3:24:00 Chris Kavanagh on Aaron Rabinowitz's Embrace the Void, https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-language-of-terrorism-with-chris-kavanagh/id1213974770?i=1000616313220
3:26:00 Aaron Rabinowitz, atheist philosopher, https://convention.atheists.org/speakers/aaron-rabinowitz
4:00:00 Alex Jones's calls to violence
4:02:00 Where do anti-vaxxers go next?

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