Laurie Gaddis Barrett Speaking On Behalf Or ParentsUnitedRI To Smithfield School Committee That Parental Rights Are Sovereign To The Best Interests Of Their Children

8 months ago

Laurie Gaddis Barrett attended a Smithfield, RI school committee workshop for a discussion of their current transgender policy.

Speaking on behalf of the well-known parental rights group, ParentsUnitedRI, she offered public comment at the mic following the committee’s discussion of the transgender topic.

She offers no legal opinion but reminds the committee that the right of the parent is fundamental and is protected by the 1st, 9nth and 14th amendment.

Quickly she brings up the difference of opinions by any panel member does automatically transfer to a state agency or a bureaucrat as they do not have a balanced or equal interest in the minor child.

The parent is the best advocate for their own child’s health and safety and should be the sole decision maker even if their child is gender questioning.

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