Nicole Solas Challenges The Smithfield, RI School Committee To Follow A Parental Rights First Policy For Safety Of Their Children

1 year ago

Nicole Solas attended a workshop held by the Smithfield, RI School Committee on their current school policies regarding transgender students.

Speaking on her own behalf, Nicole thanks this committee for being willing to have
an honest discussion on a parental right to know about the health and safety of their most precious children.

She notes that parents need to know if their child is suffering from a mental health condition known as gender dysphoria although more commonly referred as transgenderism.

Nicole also highlights that abiding by a child’s preferred names, pronouns and secrecy to hide choices from the parents is a mental health risk.
Parental rights are constitutionally protected but offers that school committees are often scared of lawsuits by the ACLU even if they openly discuss transgender policies. Additionally, she points out that if school directs, instructs, or abets in any discussion of transitioning without parental involvement, they can be open to lawsuits by the parents should any physical, emotional or chemical harm come to their child.

At one point, she had to correct a committee member on Federal law.

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