Do the Planets Influence Your Politics?

Do the Planets Influence Your Politics?
Alan L. Lin - Libertarian Astrologer

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Last Christmas we had a guest astrologer who, to the ire of many listeners, proudly displayed a “woke” left-wing bias. Now – in contrast – we present Alan L. Lin (, an anarcho-libertarian astrologer.

Mr. Lin has spent years quietly developing a theory that political ideologies actually have astrological roots. Is there an astrological reason that creative, artistic people lean to the left? Is there a connection between libertarian leanings and general intelligence? Do the stars (above) hint at some strange cosmic connection between libertarianism and Christianity? Mr. Lin’s ideas are complex, infuriating, radical… and supported by quite a bit of empirical data. Is he a crackpot? A visionary? That’s for you to decide.

These are wild times. Populist icons Kennedy and Trump vie for the crown while the globalist elites face unexpected public scrutiny of their increasingly-less-secret human enslavement plans. The socio-political battle lines now no longer resemble the clean borders on a map, so much as a Jackson Pollock splatter painting. As we struggle to make sense of today’s world, we could do worse than re-examine our assumptions of how the world (and universe) actually works. And maybe, just maybe, this includes taking another look at long ”debunked” ways of conceptualizing reality… like astrology.

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