The Gnostic Bio-Medical Convergence Religion (or Cult ?) Scientism & 'Directed Evolution' The Fabian Socialist eugenicist (r)-evolution to become as 'gods'

11 months ago

(Front cover; UN security room Mural) Extracts from this film are taken from the excellent (full) films below

1. Final Days Worldwide Premiere

2. World Premiere: Died Suddenly

3. Altered Humans—How Biotech Is Changing Who We Are (link to video is here and you will need an email subscription which is fast to watch this important documentary

4. The City of London, The Bank of England, Sol Invictus, Mithras, & St George & the Dragon

........... see also



C) US Supreme Court Human Genome Patents (Association for Molecular Pathology v. Myriad Genetics, Inc., 569 U.S. 576 June 13, 2013 & now in Congress, the 'Patent Eligibility Restoration Act' of 2022/2023) to overturn patenting DNA decision

D) Skynet is not just a part of a sci-fi film or just in wikipedia It’s Official, It’s Here…Pentagon Admits To ‘Skynet’!

E) Crispr Gene editing tech in mRNA vaccine given to Millions with deaths and injuries to destroy the image of God (Genesis 1, 26 - 27) & the Human Genome project

Consent is first required to alter a portion of your RNA / DNA & Proteins changing Genesis 1, 26 / 27 & removing Gods image in Rev 13 and then if you survive or want to live in the future dystopia as gods or as slaves you will need a 3rd of DNA (it is believed) and becoming gods is to also obtain the tree of life (blocked however in Genesis 3,24 ) but by means of the "Great Arcanum" (similar to the great work ) of Gnosticism from Hermiticism (& Alchemy) disguised as Scientism which has a philosophical and scientific side...hence Scientism is not 'science' and evolution now discredited (if directed ? was it ever 'natural selection' and so on) is not science, & which forms the basis of Fabian socialism which can appear as capitalism or socialism or Bolshevism or national socialism and so on

Gnosticism: Heresy or Paganism?

Gnostic details & teachings

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