David Grusch full interview recovered

1 year ago

My friend and Co-Author of the book we are writing. Spent many hours trying to recover the full untouched David Grush interview and she found it! Let me explain something about what is going on with this mans interview. The news network that hyped up his interview put out clips of it all week long before they posted the full interview on Sunday night. By Monday morning less than 12 hours of the interview being posted by the News Network they removed it. Then the posted a new clip of the News Network making it out that David Grusch might be misleading people and in this new clip they went on to make fun of him and make light of the UFO and Aliens are silly. This is project blue book all over again. BTW the president who started Project blue book Truman died in 1972. The same year these treaties went down. The news network left up all the hype videos of David Grusch saying "The US government has craft from another species" This news network left up a number of parts of the interview. The one thing you can not find is where he spoke about the treaties. Therefore this seems to be the reason why the government must have went to the news network and forced them to remove it and then force them to go to the old play book of UFOs and Alien stigma. Think about it... why would they want to hide that bit of information? 65% of people in America believe UFOs and Aliens are real. The other 45% when faced with undeniable truth will mostly come around. There maybe a small very small percent of people who will hang onto this is not happening mindset. As the rest of the world will move on and move past those small few. So what is the big deal here in the interview. Its that the treaty that started to be written in 1969 same year they "went to the moon for the first time" and was complete and ready to be singed by Nixon and the Head of Russia in the year 1972 "The last time they went to the moon" You will hear in this interview that the treay was written in 1971 about the UFOs and that checks out how ever the treaty was not signed till Nixon went to Mascon in 1972. This trip fallowed up after Nixon went to Chin in 1972. That was called the week that changed the world. Listen carefully as David Grusch tells you that America, Russia and China all have E.T. craft. This would all come to a head in the year 1972 when these 3 counties most likely were forced to come to an agreement that they would not use the E.T.s gift of new technology for weapons. Right now with all this coming out in the public isn't because America had a change of heart. Just like these countries had a deadline to get a lot done in 1972 it appears if they are all back under another deadline to relive what they know and what they have as WW3 approaches quickly its as if the world is picking up right where they left off in the 40s when they got this tech and when Harry S Truman was president. Again who died in 1972!

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