Are They Judge Shopping For The Right Judge To Put Donald Trump In Jail?

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8 months ago

They want to move the case away from Judge Cannon. The judges are chosen in a rotation, not selected.
Judge in Trump Documents case has scant criminal trial experience, NYT. They continue to attack Judge Cannon claiming that she needs to be removed from the case because she doesn’t have the experience. She has gone through every confirmation proceeding and requirements for being a federal judge. They claim she is not ready. Who is ready for a case for a former President of the United States?
They are doing everything to get her off the case because Donald Trump appointed her.
Remember Sen Kennedy stumps Biden judicial nominee with basic questions about the constitution. Is that who they want to give the case to? You would not hear about the little experience they have.
Are we listening to shopping for the right judge that will throw Trump in jail. They do not want to stop until they put Donald Trump in jail. The warmongers have to do this. They are manipulating an election.

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