News, goodness and great sex don't pay for themselves (6-14-23)

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01:00 Doing the right thing isn't always cheap and easy
04:00 NYT: A Reporter Investigated Sexual Misconduct. Then the Attacks Began.,
12:00 How to connect by saying it with feeling,
24:00 News never pays,
26:00 Elliott Blatt shares a poem
28:00 Elliott's been raped by car mechanics
30:00 Fatties vs addicts
39:00 Podcasts that are junk food for the soul
44:00 Parafisting relationships
46:00 Parasocial relationships,
1:07:00 When has a free state invaded a police state? A dozen times,
1:15:30 New Yorker: Daniel Bard Made an Improbable Comeback. Then He Had to Do It Again,
1:36:15 DTG: Interview with Mick West on UFOs and Conspiracy Psychology,
My Rules For Life,
On Epistemic Black Holes. How Self-Sealing Belief Systems Develop and Evolve,
Epistemic Sabotage,
The Israeli Mind: How the Israeli National Character Shapes Our World,
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