Nurses Who Spoke Against Unscientific Covid Mandates Face $250K in Legal Fees -Cdn Frontline Nurses

11 months ago

"When the medical industry turns against the people, our job is to agitate and advocate for what is right for our communities." This is what registered practical nurse, Sarah Choujounian, said she learned in her professional ethics classes. And for keeping this ethical stance to advocate for her patients during Covid along with fellow Canadian Frontline Nurses cofounder, Kristen Nagle, RN, the two now face at least $250,000 in legal fees and counting to defend their names, licences and stances against the harmful and unscientific measures implemented by the College of Nurses of Ontario.

Join us and support Sarah and Kristen, two of Canada's vanguards for patient rights and democratic freedoms, as they update us on their seemingly uphill legal challenges against a corrupt medical organization.

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