Matthew Ehret- Open vs Closed Systems: Growth Needs of Humanity in the 21st Century & Beyond

5 months ago

A new system will emerge from the ashes of the collapse of the trans-Atlantic bubble economy that was itself created in the early 1970s over the dead bodies of anti-Malthusian western leaders like John F Kennedy, RFK and Martin Luther King Jr. What will the new system look like and whom will it serve? Will the new set of values be premised on authentic moral principles and improving the means of production by creating abundance or will it be based upon the reduction of population and lowering of culture, intelligence and "human impact" upon the environment as many oligarchists managing the World Economic Forum, Wall Street and London desire?

In this keynote address delivered in Basel Switzerland and hosted by the Kernpunkte Magazine, Matt Ehret sheds light on the two opposing paradigms of world systems now pulling humanity into two very different futures and introduces the historic clash of open vs closed system thinking as it shaped all universal history and our present crisis.

Where one system (closed) is wired to bring in a technocratic feudalism under "Stakeholder Capitalism" and premises its existence on the assumption of entropy, the other system (open) is based upon an uplifting of the human condition. while rejecting the assumption of universal entropy. And while the closed system paradigm proposes to use technological power only to enslave/control the population on behalf of a master class, the healthier open system paradigm proposes to use technology to service the needs of people and sovereign nation states.

Although proponents of both opposing doctrines use similar words (including but not limited to "multipolar", "cooperation", "sustainability", etc) the physical principles, designs, concepts, and intentions animating those words represent two very different cosmologies.

If you don't know how to think about this difference of open vs closed systems, or if you believe China and/or Russia are participants in the depopulation agenda known as the Great Reset, then watch this lecture.

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