Will The GOP Start To Turn On Trump? It Doesn’t Look Like It

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8 months ago

Nothing on Chuck Grassley and the Biden Bribery Scheme. That is what the Deep State Media says is deflecting from the Donald Trump Indictment.
Trump will be processed and fingerprinted, not clear if mugshot will be taken, judge will set bond and conditions of pretrial release, Trump will verbally enter plea. (sounds similar to Manhattan case)
Trump says he is not guilty, he didn't do anything wrong, the presidential records act, it’s not even a criminal event.
This is in Miami. This is a direct federal indictment. Will they take his passport?
Will the GOP start to turn on Trump? It doesn’t look like it is shifting.. Haley says that if this is true, it was reckless. And this is the second indictment, with a third one coming. Nikki Haley is off the VP shortlist. Tim Scott says that this is still America and innocent until proven guilty.
In NYC Trump had some supporters there. When you drive through NJ, CT, Philly, etc you are not driving through Trump Country to NYC. Now Miami you can drive through some Trump Country to get there. There is a reason it is happening in Florida. They are looking for another J6 event. The FBI is watching every one of us, going through your social media trying to see if you have some kind of call to action whether this is legal or not. Keep in clear focus of the cause of J6, this was the day that congress read the electoral votes and established the record of the election of the President of the United States. They are trying to cause something.

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