Joseph Spencer 'Man in Black' Talks Project Blue Beam, Massive UFO - Alien (Hologram) Invasion in 2024? Credible? 🤔

1 year ago

Joseph Spencer claims to have been turned into a MAN IN BLACK. Drugged up & conditioned, he killed on command, with no pity. He talks about all the plans of New World Order to depopulation the planet - like with Chemtrails, 'vaccines', drugs, & created diseases like Aids, and more.

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Ex-Man In Black; Joseph Spencer Reveals His Secrets

“The world will witness a massive invasion of aliens, thousands of holographic alien warships will cover the sky, immerse people in global panic and real military aircraft between the holograms will deliver a real blow.”

– As a result, a single world government will be created and none of the people will be against it. It will lead the surviving people in this new world of total control.

In his message there are many interesting things. This old video shows all the essentials that Joseph Spencer told the world. The video is old, with a subtitle translation, but believe us, there are many interesting things …

Whistleblower Predicts Flu Outbreak in Late 2017

This section, including the video above, was added to this article on 4/24/2021. As you'll hear in the video, the whistleblower indicates that the video was made before 2017. This is very significant because this article is all about the flu event induced in late 2017, and the whistleblower predicted this would happen before the fact. I have never seen this video until today (4/24/2021), and once I saw it, I immediately added it to this article.

We don't have detailed information about the whistleblower in this video, but he makes a remarkable statement about a flu outbreak in late 2017. Please watch it and share this article with everyone you know.
The whistleblower says, "The first strain of this new flu virus will be released in the public in late 2017."

Credible or not? You decide.

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