Lab Grown Meat Is An ABOMINATION: Transhumanists Play God & PERVERT His Creation

For every optimistic technology we get from biotech advances, there are five dystopian ones.
Karen Kingston is here to report her latest findings on the evils of synthetic biology.
In March of this year Congress invested 100 billion dollars to research synthetic biology.
The goal of synthetic biology is to take biological lifeforms and turn them into technology.
Lab grown meat is a form of synthetic biology and is a precursor to more advanced applications like directed evolution.
The elites are going to attempt to sell the world on the benefits of this transhumanist agenda.
Lab grown meat will lead to the total control of the food supply and an end to farming.
This is about stripping control away from human beings and playing God by merging technology with biology.
The National Nanotechnology Initiative has been around since 2012.
This is a bipartisan issue that seeks to rewrite the human genetic sequence.
Some doctors claim the Covid-19 shots are actually neural link or neural lace technology.
In 2019, Elon Musk entered into an intellectual property agreement with CureVac which is a global mRNA manufacturer.
The updated National Nanotechnology Initiative released this past March clearly states the Covid-19 shots contain nanotechnology.
PCR tests are also reported to have contained nanotechnology.
Neural lace technology is a weapon of mass destruction that hijacks the body’s system.
Karen Kingston has been told by other platforms she may not use the terms “nanotech” and “bioweapon” or these other platforms will lose funding.
This is about controlling all biological life forms on the earth.
Seedless fruits are infertile and not capable of reproducing.
What makes anyone think they don’t have the same plan for humanity as we are becoming more and more infertile?
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