Headlines Missed In MSM - Desantis Forgets To Smile, San Fran Exodus, & More

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8 months ago

Our message for the entire campaign was “Be Yourself”
Ron DeSantis has to be told when to smile by advisors. Trump is all smiles as he visits the NC Waffle house for autographs, laughs and photos with supporters just hours before his speech at NC Republican Party.
DeSantis cannot go and get the same response that Donald Trump does.
80% of Dems think Biden should debate RFK Jr. including 72% of those who support Biden even though he’s insisted he won’t face potential primary rivals.
San Francisco business exodus, major retailers close and owner of largest hotels quits amid crimewave and COVID fallout. Officials brace for $1.3BN budget deficit in five years.
The death of the bank branch. American banks have shut almost 10K branches since 2019, leaving communities without access to basic financial services.
The cities are hurting so bad.. NY is putting up a toll to go into downtown.

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