Dr. McCullough: The COVID Vaccines Are Causing the ‘Largest Blood Clots We’ve Ever Seen’

1 year ago

“My experience with these blood clots are they’re enormously resistant to blood thinners,” disclosed Dr. Peter McCullough. “Wuhan spike protein is inside the blood clots, and it’s folding, forming what’s called amyloid structures.”

“They [researchers] found astronomical rates of blood clots in the retinal arteries and retinal veins in those vaccinated compared to the unvaccinated. And that was only with two shots back in 2021,” he detailed.

“Two years later ... the risk is there. So, what I’m telling you is these vaccines have a very long effect in the human body. And when we see blood clots in the arteries, small arteries, and veins of the eyes, they’re reflecting what’s going on in the body.”

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