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In this 177th in a series of live discussions with Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying (both PhDs in Biology), we discuss the state of the world through an evolutionary lens.

Picking up from last week, how has the book, Where There Is No Doctor, been updated for the 2022 edition? From breast-feeding to medicines, obesity to sterility, the book has remained excellent in many ways, while adopting a few modern errors. And in 1992, it recommended 5 vaccine shots for young children; now it recommends 15 - 17—why the change? Then: how can we bootstrap rules for how to think about in an increasingly confused era? We discuss important concepts that are easily abused—like “controlled opposition” and “the right side of history”—and the meaning of the Trump indictment and the Defender 23 NATO exercise in Europe.


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(00:00) Stream starts
(05:30) Welcome
(07:28) Sponsors
(15:20) 2022 edition of "where there is no doctor"
(26:20) Seed oils
(34:42) Changes to 2022: creeping stupidity
(44:40) More creeping stupidity on pregnancy
(54:08) Injections can disable children
(01:01:55) Childhood vaccines
(01:10:30) COVID vaccine updates
(01:18:45) Even newer update
(01:29:05) Bewildering moment
(01:33:20) UAP Story
(01:48:30) Deployment of important concepts
(02:00:00) Language games
(02:04:40) Indictment of Trump
(02:17:03) Largest NATO air exercise ever
(02:22:30) Wrap up

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