Russell-Jay:Gould of LastFlagStanding.Com Interview

1 year ago

Here is my interview with Russell-Jay : Gould, the patent holder to the Title IV Flag of The United States of America. In 1999, him and his now deceased partner, found a loophole during America's 3rd bankruptcy and captured the flag while London wasn't looking. The United Nations granted him the land under all of the courts which makes him Postmaster & Judge over all. Tales of torture, deception, betrayal, hope and more envelope one of the most censored stories of our lifetime. Facing the Jesuits and the highest ranking world powers, Russell created a new periodic table and quantum grammar language that tightens contracts without deception and coercion. Today, he still holds the flag and the powers to be accountable towards their actions because they recognize him as the power over all, which makes him untouchable, but not without sacrifice, as Russell has been tortured and food starved for 70 days to get him to surrender.

There are many imposters who appear to claim Russell's accomplishments and those people are either delusional or sent by the deep state to counteract his accomplishments.


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