Moms On A Mission | Culture War | Guest: Riley Gaines | Title IX | Where are the Feminists?

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1 year ago

Today the Moms welcome Riley Gaines, 12 time All-American swimmer from the University of Kentucky and spokeswoman for the International Women’s Forum. Riley tells us how she felt when she was made to stand below a biological male and forced to surrender her NCAA Womens’ Championship swimming trophy to a transgender competitor . She also describes what it was like for her and her teammates to endure the trauma of being exposed to a male with fully intact genitalia in the women’s locker room. Riley then tells about her shocking experience and the details of what happened when she spoke at San Francisco State University. Riley shares how her faith in Jesus Christ has given her courage and strength to endure these trials and fight back. She goes on to tell us about her role as the spokeswoman for the IWF and how she is working on legislation to protect the rights of women athletes and women’s sports.

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