Harris Faulkner finally SNAPS: ‘We are in a spiritual fight…the Devil has gotten into some people’

1 year ago

Harris knows she was ordered to do as the Deep State wants. She avoids voter fraud and voter integrity, and does as Paul Ryan, the anti-Trump former speaker who is on Fox News’ board, wants. Here she is venting, knowing that we all see through the BS now. She let's loose a little, with permission though, which is why Fox News is simply controlled opposition. They are only showing what the Deep State wants, for if they dare to say the truth as Tucker began to do, money matters not. Fame matters not. The most important thing is control over the people. Harris, Maria Bartiromo, Jesse Waters, all of them know they are all on thin ice as money is not a care to Fox. They are down 37% in ratings in just a month and since this is the PM audience, Fox is actually down OVER 50% in revenue. Keep up the good work, Deep State,

‘Our enemies are massing, feasting…’

It all starts with voter fraud, Harris. Until you recognize what put Biden in office, you are talking into the wind.

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