Jacob shows Me His Latest Multi-Million Dollar Watches (Including the $7M Billionaire!)

3 months ago
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We're in New York, and it's time for a long overdue catch up with my friend Jacob Arabo. He's got so many incredible watches to share with us, including a very special one-off timepiece you won't want to miss!

Jacob & Co
48 E 57th St, New York, NY 10022
Phone: (212) 719-5887

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00:00 - A very special watch coming up
00:16 - Introduction
01:12 - Jacob & Co Astronomia Revolution
03:57 - Epic X Chronograph Tourbillon white diamonds
04:49 - Epic X Tourbillon white diamonds and rubies
07:11 - Opera Godfather Full Baguette
08:18 - Jacob & Co Key Cuff bracelet
09:52 - The Mystery Tourbillon Arlequino
10:53 - Astronomia Art White Dragon
12:05 - Opera Godfather 50th Anniversary
13:27 - Astronomia Casino Double Axis Tourbillon
15:49 - Caviar Tourbillon Orange Sapphires
17:31 - Epic SF24 Tourbillon Baguette Green Dial
19:29 - Epic X Rose Gold Baguette
21:18 - Billionaire Ashoka ($7,000,000 watch)
26:05 - Outro

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