Are You Holding Out For A Hero? (6-4-23)

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01:00 Filling the hole in your soul with heroes and gurus
06:00 Breaking erotic taboos
11:00 Decoding the Gurus: Elon Musk,
15:00 Bill Maher, Richard Dawkins grievance mongering
18:00 RFK as an idiot detector,
19:00 Elliott Blatt joins
26:00 Academic Agent
28:45 The Bone (SF radio station that plays hard rock),
43:00 Gurus and parasocial relations,
48:00 Scholars vs gurus, Letters from The Rav (Part 12) || Dr. Marc Shapiro,
50:00 Car salesmen quote different prices based on race and sex,
57:20 NYT: She Said Her Professor Sexually Harassed Her. His Wife Won Damages.,
My Rules For Life,
On Epistemic Black Holes. How Self-Sealing Belief Systems Develop and Evolve,
Epistemic Sabotage,
The Israeli Mind: How the Israeli National Character Shapes Our World,
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