The Governor of GA is Auditioning for Someone's VP Pick

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8 months ago

The governor of GA is auditioning for someone VP pick. Wonder if he is auditioning for Pence's VP pick. He had to break his silence and attack Donald J Trump post on Truth social. One week before the GA convention he cannot show up to address the delegates.
#reinventtheGAGOP is the republican socialist agenda. Not one candidate for chair of the GOP talk about reinventing the republican party. Marcy has an agenda. If Marcy wanted to reinvent the party she should have ran for chair. It is a concern that she will not be a team player and marches to the beat of her own drum. She has #BeAMarcy. She told BKP to rest on your laurels means that you get lazy or complacent about what you could achieve because you’re too busy basking in the memories of former glories. She will not say 2020 was stolen, will not say Trump, and won’t say anything about Kemp not coming to the convention.
Brian Kemp does not have an America First Agenda he has a China First Agenda. Kemp unloads on Trump. We have the GA GOP convention this weekend. Brian Kemp will not come to the GA state GOP convention and will not speak to the delegates. He is trying to oversee the end of the GOP in GA. He wants to reinvent the GAGOP. He has already made comments that the current GA GOP can no longer exist or be effective. Then you have a candidate for first vice chair that is saying the same.
GA is on the path to become the EV capital of the nation. GA the #1 state to do business because Brian Kemp has sold the state to China. You can’t set them up and give them amazing deals for the battery plants and not have a deal with China.

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