Prof Angus Dalgleish Takes Us Through His U turn On The Covid Vaccines And More

1 year ago

Prof Angus Dalgleish is a Professor of oncology at St Georges Hospital in London.

He is best known for his contributions to HIV/AIDs research, being a co-discoverer of the CD4 receptor as the major cellular receptor for HIV.

Prof Dalgleish has had an interest in developing vaccines for cancer treatment.

He was a proponent of the COVID-19 “vaccine” program and wrote an article in the Daily Mail encouraging young adults and pregnant women to take the shot.

Prof Angus Dalgleish has since changed his opinion regarding the “vaccines” , and as you will discover in this interview, a whole lot more.

In this incredibly insightful and honest conversation, I explore his transformation from distinguished doctor, scientist and media doctor promoting the shots, to a pariah because he is advising an immediate halt to the COVID "vaccine" program due to safety concerns.

About Doc Malik: Orthopaedic surgeon Ahmad Malik is on a journey of discovery when it comes to health and wellness. Through honest conversations with captivating individuals, Ahmad explores an array of topics that profoundly impact our well-being and health.

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